Volume : VI, Issue : III, March - 2017

A study of Fashion consumption behavior of Innovators and Non-innovators

Vaishali Joshi

Abstract :

 The objective of this study is to examine the differences fashion innovators and non-fashion innovators in their fashion consumption behavior in terms of their pre-purchase behavior, purchase behavior, and post purchase behavior. The questionnaire was distributed to a female college student for data collection. The sample was comprised of 81 college females ages 18 through 30 who were attending Business Management degree. Data was analyzed through frequency distribution table. Many differences were found in the behavior of innovators and non-innovators in terms of their pre-purchase, actual purchase, and post-purchase behavior. 

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Vaishali Joshi, A study of Fashion consumption behavior of Innovators and Non-innovators, GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : Volume-6, Issue-3, March‾2017

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