Volume : VI, Issue : VIII, August - 2017

A study on HBV vaccination coverage of Medical students

Dr. R. Ramani, Dr. A. Aravind, Dr. E. Kandasamy Alias Kumar

Abstract :

 Background: The WHO has introduced a mandatory HBV Vaccination for students of health sciences on their entry into medical school as there are chances of acquiring HBV infections during their training programme. Medical council if India also insists medical students to have HBV vaccination at the time of admission. Aim: To find out whether medical students complete HBV vaccination , To identify reasons for noncompliance if any and to provide suggestions for completion of HBV vaccination. Materials and methods: Descriptive study. total of 100 students joined in 2014 were informed about the proposed survey and asked to fill up pretested questionnaire in an anonymous manner. The data collected were details of vaccination, reasons of non compliance. The data were analysed by simple descriptive statistics. Results: Of the questionnaire circulated 92 were returned and the response rate was 92%. Number of individuals completed 1st, 2nd , and 3rd dose  were(20 )90(97.8%), 83 (90.2% , 53 (57.6%) and booster dose 12 (13.04%)  and 39 (42.4%) did not complete vaccination,. Reasons provided for incomplete vaccination are for gotten-23 (25%), parents not encouraging 6(17.39%) , None compelled -15 (16.3%) , none reminded 12 (13.04%), and multiple reasons  in 19 (20.65%)  others. Conclusions: All medical students do not complete HBV vaccination even though mandatory. Reasons are lack of enforcement system and lack of supervisory measures. Hence it is suggested to introduce enforcement system by concerned authorities.

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Dr.R.Ramani, Dr.A.Aravind, Dr.E.Kandasamy alias Kumar, A study on HBV vaccination coverage of Medical students, GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : VOLUME-6, ISSUE-8, AUGUST-2017

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