Volume : IX, Issue : III, March - 2020


Dr. Harshita Jain, Dr. Sanath Aithal

Abstract :

Ticks are tiny crawling blood sucking ectoparasites of verteates known to cause a wide variety of dangerous blood-borne illnesses. Disease causing ticks belong to three major families, the Ixodidae/hard tick, the Argasidae/soft tick and the Nuttalliellidae. Infected ticks spread over a hundred diseases, some of which are fatal if undetected. We here presented a case of a male who suspected tick as a acute painful itchy mole over back of the right ear, inside the left ear and over the left eyelid. This case is presented for its rarity, identification of the tick so that the early detection and removal of the parasite. In India, the fatal tick-borne viral diseases that are Cremian-Congo-Haemorrhagic fever and Kyasanur-Forest-Disease were caused by ticks and there are sporadic records available for the occurrence of relapsing fever, lyme disease, Ganjam virus disease and Q fever.

Keywords :

Ticks   Tick bite  

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ACUTE TICK BITE (ACARI : IXODIDAE), Dr. Harshita Jain, Dr. Sanath Aithal GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : Volume-9 | Issue-3 | March-2020

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