Volume : V, Issue : IX, September - 2016


Dr. R. Raja

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 Facing the overwhelmingly powerful patriarchal culture, Celie unresistingly places herself under the domination and authority of men, as revealed in her way of naming men, her fear of men and of God. While later through the wholesome influence of Sofia and mothering nurturing of Shug, Celie’s sense of ego is gradually awakened. She finally enters the world of creation. In return, the arrogant Shug and Amazon-like Sofia become more compassionate and gentle. While the black women enjoy their close bond and dearly selfhood, the black men as exemplified by Mr. ____and Harpo also go through the process of reexamination of their existence. They no longer view women as objects; instead they begin to acknowledge their equal status as human beings. So at the end of the book, both black men and women discover in themselves the ability to love and to be loved and learn to emace the selfhood, sisterhood and otherhood. In this sense, The Color Purple can be interpreted as a modern allegory in which the characters finally reach the state of selffulfillment and the state of perfection through pains.

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Dr.R.Raja ALICE WALKERÂ¥S THE COLOUR PURPLE: AN ALLEGORY OF SELF-ACCEPTANCE AND SELF-DEFINITION Global Journal For Research Analysis,Volume : 5 | Issue : 9 | September 2016

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