Volume : VII, Issue : X, October - 2018

Analytical Study of Allamah Shibli's Persian Poetry

Md Yeaqub

Abstract :

 Allamah Shibli Nomani (1857-1914 A.D) was one of the greatest luminaries who glittered on the literary 􀃶rmament

of Urdu literature as well as Persian literature. He is an educational thinker, author, orator, Arabic scholar, Persian
poet and critic of orientalists. Not only his contribution is on Urdu and Arabic languages, but he left his work on Persian language also.
Moreover, he taught Persian and Arabic languages at Aligarh (M.A.O college) for sixteen years. He played an important role to write
numerous articles and poetries on this language. ‘Shi‘r al-‘Ajam‘, a history of Persian poetry is his famous book written in 􀃶ve volumes. Once
Maulana Hasrat Mohani quoted that if Shibli had devoted full attention to Persian poetry then it would have outshone all other famous
Persian poets.

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