Volume : IV, Issue : VIII, August - 2015


Shrawan Kumar Meena, Ajay Kumar Bhargava, V. D. Bohra

Abstract :

Increased level of C- Reactive protein and uric acid in serum is found to be risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and development of hypertension. .we aimed to investigate the correlation between C- Reactive protein(C-RP) and uric acid value in serum and hypertension. We studied 100 patients suffering from hypertension and 100 normotensive healthy subjects. C- Reactive protein positive( elevated) in 72 patients and uric acid level raised in 58 cases with hypertension, out of 100 cases. A significant correlation was found of uric acid value in hypertensive cases when compared with control subjects (p< .001). C- Reactive protein is a atherogenic and uric acid function as antioxidant and both are positively associated with hypertension and may be important markers in cardiovascular risk factor.

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SHRAWAN KUMAR MEENA, AJAY KUMAR BHARGAVA, V. D. BOHRA Assosiation Between Hypertension , C- Reactive Protein and Uric Acid Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol: 4, Issue: 8 August 2015

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