Volume : II, Issue : VIII, August - 2013

Detection of Extended Spectrum β - Lactamase & Amp C in Clinical Isolates of Klebsiella Species

B. L. Chaudhary, Dr. A V. Bhesania, Dr. S. A. Samant, Rakesh Kumar Mukhia, Rakesh Prasad, Dr. A. D. Urhekar

Abstract :

Clinical laboratories need to develop quick methods for detection of Extended Spectrum β– Lactamases (ESBL) & Amplified C (AmpC) β–Lactamase, so that the appropriate medication can be started without delay. Here, we reported the confirmatory methods for detection of ESBL & AmpC in Klebsiella species in Central laboratory MGM Hospital.We had isolated 201 Klebsiella from various clinical specimens and tested for the production of ESBL & AmpC followed by confirmatory methods as per Clinical Laboratory Standard Institute (CLSI) guidelines. Out of 3752 samples 201 klebsiella were isolated among them ESBL 26(12.93%), ESBL+AmpC 27(13.43%) amd only AmpC producer 14(6.94%) by confirmatory method (Inhibatory based method).The prevalence of ESBL & AmpC producing Klebsiella species is alarming and it requires strict implementation of infection control guidelines by safe hygiene practices, restricted use of oad spectrum antibiotics as empirical therapy

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