Volume : IV, Issue : I, January - 2015

Enhancing Industrial Growth through Excellence of Skilled Workforce

Yp Chawla , Dr Rsp Singh

Abstract :

Make in India”has been announced by the Indian Prime Minister.Canit emulate"economic miracle" Japaneseachieved post–cold war years and make an attempt toreach the export shelves,aligning Enhancing Industrial Growth. In the granularity of Enhancing the Industrial Growth, through excellence in Plant Management requires,drawing a road map onvarious frontsthat include improving manpower skills against updated standards,with global importance. Aholistic approach for achieved through Men with high Skill competencies with updated Skill Standards to as per international standards, using quality 5M’s (Men, Materials Money, Machinery and Methods).The Manpower Skill Standards gained importance due to Competencies or talent shortages experiencedworld overrequiring mapping and appropriately marketed showcasing Indian Skills.To stay afloat in competitive world, every activity needs analysis, corrected and benchmarked for achieving industrial growthenhancement. Benchmarking the Skill Standards is as important as other aspects for achieving plant management excellence. This paper analyses the Skilling from national perspective, as well as industry or enterprise, its impact on Technical Vocation, Education & Training (TVET) Institutions, Trainers, Education system and etc. how it affects the human asset supply chain infrastructure and role of talent refineries. USA, Canada, UKand other countries are working hard to sustain Industrial growth and are incompetition to attract Global TVET talent . India can bea source for meeting the talent demand and skilled youth. Indian Skilled manpower for offshored manufacturing to India by other countries or as expatriatesoverseas becomes anasset. India’s economy has to grow fast enough to absorb the skilled manpower or alternatively Indian skilled manpower to be readied to get expatriated to greying mighty developed nations for their sustenance. All these parameters will give fillip to“excellence in plant management” to global standards throughimproved Skill Standards of Indian youth have to help India attainEnhanced Industrial Growth. Skilling is the prescription for Growth and employment to avoid the repeat of Arab Spring and assessment of Skill gaps is important in this automated industrial world. The Paper examines the Skill Gaps of what Industry requires and what the individuals come ready with.

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YP Chawla , Dr RSP Singh Enhancing Industrial Growth through Excellence of Skilled Workforce Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol: 4, Issue: 1 January 2015

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