Volume : V, Issue : IX, September - 2016

Entrepreneurship in Tourism Sector : A Study

Dr. Sudhansu Sekhar Nayak, Mr. Prasanta Mahapatra, Mr. Sabyasachi Patro

Abstract :

 In globalization tourism has become a major economic force and job oriented component in the contemporary world. Being a major element of many counties as well as the leading states of India, it has the power to delivered significant international earnings through cultural heritage, beaches, viant hill-stations can be utilized for alleviating poverty. But the history of the concept like tourism has traced back to the ancient origin. Where the tourists who visited the courts of the kings and the sultans. Here we can say that history is to be considered as one of the sources of knowledge since the monuments which testify man‘s efforts through visible media. Examples can be noted down here in connection with the ancient origin of tourists. The Dutch, the Portuguese, the Swedes, the French, the British visited Orissa not as a tourist but for opening up their trade and commerce. So the concept of tourism was evolved in ancient and medieval periods not in a said position as ‘tourism’. If we have to exemplify the concept of tourism as a phenomena which involves the movement of the people within their own country or state or across the national borders. Anatomy of phenomenon reveals its basic composition i.e. man, space or time.

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Dr. Sudhansu Sekhar Nayak, Mr. Prasanta Mahapatra, Mr. Sabyasachi Patro Entrepreneurship in Tourism Sector : A Study Global Journal For Research Analysis,Volume : 5 | Issue : 9 | September 2016

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