Volume : VII, Issue : VII, July - 2018

Exploring Attitudinal Shift through Celebrity Endorsement Using Elaboration Likelihood Model

Dr Ritika Jain

Abstract :

Everyday consumers encounter numerous advertisements with different convincing appeals. Persuasion and attitude are central focus to consumer psychology. Celeity endorsements help companies to position in unique ways and receive attention in market clutter which may engender positive impact on attitude targeting sales figure. Presentation of information to consumer leads to some form of elaboration which results in some evaluation leading to rememance or acceptance or rejection of a message. Many people may experience high or low elaboration when they encounter persuasive message. Elaboration Likelihood Model attempts to explain how attitudes are formed, shaped and reinforced by persuasive communication. Todayís marketing environment is inundated with products and services with lot choices and variations resulting in consumer bargaining power. Buying is a routine affair for most of the consumers and tough competition have made consumers the king of the market. In routine buying or low-involvement product, not much effort, time or thought process takes into place but for complex or high involvement product, much thought process ensues. Celeity endorsement which is traditionally considered to be a peripheral cue of persuasion can also play a significant role in central route of persuasion leading to attitudinal shift for sales generation. This paper explores attitudinal shift through celeity endorsement with help of Elaboration Likelihood Model of persuasion.

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