Volume : IV, Issue : IX, September - 2015

Finite element stress analysis of circumferential clasp using acetal resin and chrome cobalt as clasp material.

Dr Lekha K. , Dr Meshramkar R, Dr Harsha Bs, Dr Sandhya Rao, Dr Shilpa S, Dr Vani H. M

Abstract :

<p>Statement of problem: Restoration of esthetics is an important factor to consider in the faication of removable partial denture. RPD clasps made from metal cause esthetic problems. Acetal resins have been used as clasp material to improve esthetics. However, there are few FEA studies on acetal resin. Purpose: The purpose of this FEA analysis was to compare stresses induced by acetal resin and cobalt chrome clasp. Material and methods: Stress distribution induced in cast circumferential clasp was evaluated using three dimensional finite element experimental models for acetal and cobalt chromium clasps. Average load of 25 N were applied and stress distribution was evaluated Result: FEA analysis showed the stresses induced by acetal resin clasp and Co-Cr clasp were similar on abutment teeth and bone, however within the clasp acetal resin generated less stress than Co-Cr clasp when downward forces and upward force of displacement were applied. Conclusion: Within the limitations of the study, FEA analysis of cast circumferential clasp with acetal resin and cobalt chrome had induced similar stresses.</p>

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Lekha K., Meshramkar R, Harsha BS, Sandhya Rao, Shilpa S., Vani H.M. Finite Element Stress Analysis of Circumferential Clasp Using Acetal Resin and Chrome Cobalt As Clasp Material Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol: 4, Issue: 9 September 2015

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