Volume : IX, Issue : I, January - 2020

Forensic analysis of burn cases at pmch with female context

Dr. Poonam Singh, Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Dr. Sohan Prasad Choudhary

Abstract :

Burns of skin or other tissue are caused by fire, radiant heat, radiation, chemical, or electrical contact. Burns are a critical public health problem, causing deaths, disability and disfigurement. Most of the victims belonged to lower middle class and Hindu in religion, married, housewives, affected more commonly from urban area. Most common victims are female & belonged to Age group 20–40 years .Most of the victims was married since more than 7 years. This study denotes that most of the victims, suffer maximum in months of October to November usually in morning time Flame burn were most common cause of burns, followed by kerosene .Most of the victims affected by burns by an Accident, followed by suspicious mode .Most of the victims sustained 51–100% burns over body surface area & survived for period of 2–7 days , while Septicemia were most common cause of death

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FORENSIC ANALYSIS OF BURN CASES AT PMCH WITH FEMALE CONTEXT, Dr. Poonam Singh, Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Dr. Sohan Prasad Choudhary GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : Volume-9 | Issue-1 | January-2020

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