Volume : VI, Issue : II, February - 2017

Implementation of Master AODV using NS2 to mitigate Grayhole attack in MANET

K. Madhuri, N. Kasi Viswanath

Abstract :

 A Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) consists of mobile nodes which move independently in an open environment. Communication between the nodes in a MANET is enabled using intermediate routers.  MANET has characteristics such as open medium, dynamic network topology, lack of centralized monitoring, and lack of clear defense mechanisms which makes it easy for several routing attacks to take place in a MANET.

 In MANET routing, intermediate nodes can act as malicious nodes which become a threat to the security. Grayhole is the common attack in ad hoc routing in which the malicious node uses the process of routing to say that it has the shortest path to the destination. Once it receives the data packets, it drops some data packets and forwards some data packets to its neighbors.  The Grayhole node does not follow the prescribed communication model. Data Transmission is established between nodes using UDP agent and CBR traffic. Sender sends the data via attacker. Source node transfers data to attacker assuming that it has the shortest route to Destination. Attacker partially forwards the data packets to its neighbors and partially drops the data packets.

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K.Madhuri, N.Kasi Viswanath, Implementation of Master AODV using NS2 to mitigate Grayhole attack in MANET, GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : Volume-6, Issue-2, February‾2017

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