Volume : V, Issue : I, January - 2016

Isolation and identification of lipase producing Bacillus pumilus GN9.

Vishnu Priya Kalapatapu, Rajesh Battina, Bhaskar Reddy Iska.

Abstract :

Rice varieties of Assam, which are in seed production chain, lack in compilation of key diagnostic characters. Systematic studies to develop diagnostic markers of these varieties are essential which are morphologically very similar, to carryout scientific seed production, certification and also for plant variety protection. Eleven rice varieties of Assam, which are in high demand in seed chain were characterized based on SDS-PAGE of total soluble protein and two isozyme systems viz., esterase and aspartate amino transferase to use as biomarker for rapid identification of the varieties.. The electrophoretic banding profile of total protein exhibited no specific bands for identification of the varieties. However, variations were observed among the varieties with respect to Esterase banding pattern. Varieties could be grouped into five clusters in the dendrogram based on isozymes. Among the two isozyme systems, esterase isozyme was found to be more suitable for identification of the rice varieties.

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