Volume : VIII, Issue : III, March - 2019

Knowledge And Awareness Of Probiotics Among The Dental Students In Thodupuzha-A Questionnaire Study

Dr Abdul Saheer P, Dr Cyriac Philip, Dr Gayathri Sreedhar, Dr Mahesh P. C, Dr Aashique Muhammed, Dr Shanila Abdul Majid

Abstract :

INTRODUCTION : Probiotics can be defined as living microbes,or as food ingredients containing living microbes, that beneficially influence the health of the host.the use of probiotic is said to be an imperative aspect in dentistry in prevention and treatment of caries,periodontal disease etc. AIM : This study aims to assess the knowledge and awareness of probiotics among dental students. METHODS : A total of 60 students from third year,final year and interns were surveyed regarding the knowledge of probiotics.A well structured and administered questionnaire including 12 questions was used to elicit the responses.the study was conducted during 2018-19 .Statistical analysis was done using descriptive statistics. RESULT : In this research majority of participants are third years.Study reveals 66% of participants are aware of the term probiotics and 75% of them agree probiotics are safe. CONCLUSION : It was reported that 83% of students were aware about the role of probiotics in improving the health, and majority of them willing to have it if it is recommended by professionals.

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KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS OF PROBIOTICS AMONG THE DENTAL STUDENTS IN THODUPUZHA-A QUESTIONNAIRE STUDY, Dr Abdul Saheer P, Dr Cyriac Philip, Dr Gayathri Sreedhar, Dr Mahesh P.C, Dr Aashique Muhammed, Dr Shanila Abdul Majid GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : Volume-8 | Issue-3 | March-2019

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