Volume : V, Issue : III, March - 2016


Dr. Shrinivas Gadappa, Dr. Kanan Yelikar, Dr. Ismail Mulla

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 Introduction: To avoid the misuse of induced abortions, most countries have enacted laws. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act (MTP Act) was enacted by the Indian Parliament in 1971. This study was conducted to see various impacts of MTP Act and Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act (PCPNDT Act) in present era. Aim and objectives: To study methods, various indications & complications due to Medical Termination of Pregnancy performed in the institution. Material method: After thorough history including reasons for MTP, detailed examination, investigations & consent, 649 women underwent MTP using various methods in study period of two yrs. Women were observed for any complications & then discharged. Results: In the study, 649 women fulfilling inclusion criteria underwent MTP. MTPs performed during 1st trimester were 378 (58.2%) and in mid-trimester were 271 (41.8%). From urban area (n=394, 60.7%) about 263 (40.5%) reported earlier i.e. in 1st trimester for MTP & 140 (21.6%) women from rural area reported late in mid-trimester. Common indications of MTPs were contraceptive failure (n=434, 66.8 %) followed by ‘to prevent grave injury to the physical and mental health of the pregnant women’ (n=101, 15.6%). 307 (47.3%) women underwent manual vacuum aspiration (MVA). Mid-trimester MTPs were done by extra-ovular instillation of ethacridine lactate (EOI) in 19.9% of cases. Complication rate was 19.6%. Most of them were minor side effects like thermoregulatory changes (n=30, 4.8%) and gastrointestinal (n=72, 11.1%). Conclusions: Due to impact of MTP Act & PCPNDT Act women are denied for mid trimester MTP in periphery & in private clinics. Rural women reported late. Still there is a need to focus on unmet need for family planning services including medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) services at periphery

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Dr. Shrinivas Gadappa, Dr. Kanan Yelikar, Dr. Ismail Mulla MEDICAL TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY IN A TERTIARY CARE CENTER Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol: 5, Issue : 3 March 2016

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