Volume : VI, Issue : VIII, August - 2017

Neonatal Sepsis: Bacteriological and drug resistance profile.

Dr. Jyoti B. Bade, Dr. Chhaya Chande

Abstract :

 Aims: This study was conducted to know bacteriological profile and antimicrobial resistance of isolates from blood cultures received from neonates suspected to have septicemia.

Material and methods: In the present study 784 neonates clinically suspected to have suspected of sepsis admitted in NICU were included.


Blood culture was positive in 128 (16.32%) cases. Gram positive bacteria 61(47.65%) were responsible for most cases of neonatal sepsis as compared to gram negative bacteria 55 (42.96%). Multidrug resistance was observed in 21(38.18%) Gram negative isolates.

Conclusions: Rational antimicrobial therapy can be started on time based local epidemiology and resistance pattern. Multidrug resistance in Gram negative isolates warrants great caution in selection of antibiotic therapy

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