Volume : VII, Issue : VII, July - 2018


Dr. G. Chandrasekaran, Mrs. P. Parimaladevi

Abstract :

The organic farming sector is suffering from a lot of problems suchas insignificantgrowth. Organic Farmers find it difficult to continue theirorganic farming practices due to various reasons like inadequate support fromGovernments and universities, contaminated water, deteriorated soil due toapplication of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers which affectedproductivity and production and also resulted in unhealthy food products,shortage of labour, inadequate organic manure due to decreasing livestockpopulation and ineffective supply chain of organic farming system. The costof production in Organic Farming is more andcustomers are not ready to buyby paying more. About production and productivity facts and opinion differsamong the experts, farmers and actual. Required quantity of organicpesticides and weed killers are not available. Loss of different type of our ageold seeds in all food crops affects productivity and production. Organicfarmers found no specific demand for their produce. Traders found difficultiesto get the required quantity of products as per demand. Consumers are

unhappy as they are not getting what they want and also due to heavy pricingfor availableproducts. Awareness amongst consumers about the ill-effect ofconventional farming produce and the health advantage of organic foodproducts is missing. There is a gap between organic farmers‘ expectationsfrom the Government and actual. Due to innumerable unsolved problems,dissatisfied organic farmers are either switching over to conventional farmingor non-farming activities. This paper analyze the problems and prospects of organic farming in India.

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