Volume : V, Issue : V, May - 2016

Pharmacovigilance Study on Anti-Histamine Containing Cough Syrup in Pediatrics

Adalarasan N, Sridevi S, Heber Anandan, R. Narayanababu, Padmanaban, Sathyamurthi B

Abstract :

 Cough and cold medicines especially anti histamine containing syrups are abound in Indian market despite the fact that majority of them lack scientific evidence of their use in this common condition. The use of any medication in pediatric age group must adhere to the strictest safety criteria and should not lead to unnecessary complications. Aim and objectives: To analyze the outcome of children taking antihistamine containing syrup for common cold and cough. Material and methods: In a Retrospective cohort study the investigator can quickly estimate the effect of an exposure on outcome status. A total of 100 children aged between 0- 5 years were taken in each group for this study. Results: Higher prevalence of Grunting, Fast eathing, Difficulty in taking feeds and Post tussive vomiting were there in children with antihistamine group. Conclusion: Efforts are needed to create awareness amongst the parents, caretakers and prescribers about the rational use of cough and cold medicines especially antihistamine containing syrups and also pay attention to adverse reactions caused by them. Hence the study has been conducted in small population; large trials will be needed for further analysis and conclusion.

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Adalarasan N, Sridevi S, Heber Anandan, R.Narayanababu, Padmanaban, Sathyamurthi B Pharmacovigilance Study on Anti-Histamine Containing Cough Syrup in Pediatrics Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol: 5, Issue : 5 MAY 2016

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