Volume : IV, Issue : I, January - 2015

Research Methodology in Ayurveda Wsr to Fundamental Research

Dr. Vaibhav Dadu

Abstract :

Ayurveda, the known traditional and conventional system of medicine has thrived since time immemorial, thanks to its irrefutable and scientific basic principles. It is quite obvious that this glorious perpetuity must have some solid foundation in the form of research and analysis which has to be made up to date and up graded to a level which is in tandem with the contemporary medical science with the use of recent innovations in the science and technology. The Research in Ayurveda is based upon thevarious tools of investigation or examination known as ‘Pramaana’ in philosophical parlance and ‘Pareekskaa’ in Ayurveda compendia. These methods employed in Ayurveda have to be elaborated and sufficed with the tools that augment its efficacy and utility in the contemporary medical knowledge vistas. The future prospects of Research in Ayurveda depends on the knowledge of the skills and scientific reasoning which relies on the outcome of the fundamental research in Ayurveda that aims to revamp the traditional approach still extant in Ayurveda, in the realm of the basic principles and study them with the scientific approach based on the objective parameters.

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