Volume : V, Issue : IX, September - 2016


Rahul H Sharma

Abstract :

 Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with contrast is the modality of choice for diagnosis as well as for predicting the success of its complete removal of meningiomas. Magnetic resonance imaging findings of 40 cases of intracranial meningiomas diagnosed in a our institute were studied. Objective of this study was to describe typical and atypical locations and findings of intracranial meningiomas on magnetic resonance imaging with imaging characterization of atypical meningioma corresponding to their WHO grading or histological subtypes . Materials and Methods : Study was conducted at Department of Radiodiagnosis & Imaging, New civil hospital, Surat from August 2015 to July 2016 over a period of 12 months. 40 patients of intracranial meningiomas of 10-70 years’ age group were studied. Result : A higher incidence noted in females. Most of the tumours are solitary with supratentorial location being most common - the cereal convexities along parasagittal location/falx. Other locations are sphenoid ridge, posterior fossa, , olfactory groove and parasellar region. Majority were typical (WHO grade I) in 90.1%, only 6.8% were atypical (WHO grade II) whereas 3.1% were Anaplastic subtype (WHO grade III). Most of the tumours showed low signal on T1- (64%) and high signal on T2- (65%) and FLAIR (72%) weighted images. After contrast administration, 71% of the tumours presented intense and 29% showed moderate and heterogenous enhancement. Areas of vasogenic oedema around the tumours were seen in 36% of the cases. Twenty four percent of the cases showed bone infiltration, and the dural tail sign was seen in 65% of the tumours. Conclusion : The diagnosis of meningioma is usually obvious on CT or MRI scanning except when it presents in unusual locations and with atypical imaging characteristics as seen with atypical meningiomas WHO grade II or III.

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Rahul H Sharma ROLE OF MRI IMAGING IN EVALUATION OF TYPICAL & ATYPICAL MENINGIOMAS Global Journal For Research Analysis,Volume : 5 | Issue : 9 | September 2016

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