Volume : II, Issue : VIII, August - 2013

Social Protection for MSMs – Expectations & Challengesd

S. Vidyalatha, Dr. D. Sai Sujatha

Abstract :

Social protection is an innovative policy approach that aims to integrate concerns about social security and poverty reduction into unified framework to serve for different gender people like Men who have sex with men. The sample consists of 120 Men having sex with men/TGs was selected purposively from Tirupati in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh by using questionnaire. The study was conducted with the objective of studying MSMs and their perceptions on available social security measures. In the present study majority (81.66 percent) of them not disclosed of distinctiveness to their family. Around one third (31.66 percent) of the respondents stated that fear of renouncement by their family as main reason for not disclosing. Majority of them perceived that they have been neglected and not having social security measures like public distribution system, pensions. Hence, strategies should incorporate inputs to address issues of MSMs to reform laws against sodomy and other policies.  

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S. Vidyalatha, Dr. D. Sai Sujatha / Social Protection for MSMs � Expectations & Challenges / Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol:2, Issue:8 August 2013

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