Volume : V, Issue : I, January - 2016

Soil stabilization using steel slag

Shipra Chaubey, S. M. Ali Jawaid

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Construction of structures over weak or soft soils leads to differential settlements, poor strength and high compressibility. The safety of structure depends on the stability of foundation and any kind of failure in foundation may cause distortion to structure. If the in-situ soil does not possess the required strength, then it should be either replaced by good quality/ good beŚ soil or stabilized by mechanical or chemical means. Soil stabilization is one of the modification technique used to improve the geotechnical properties of soil and have found major application in construction engineering which enables the effective utilization of industrial wastes as a stabilizer. This paper describes a study carried out with an aim to enhance the beŚ capacity of clayey silts of medium plastic soil, on mixing it with steel slag in varied proportion. In this study, various geotechnical properties such as OMC, Atterbergís limit and CBR of both modified and unmodified soil has been computed. ABSTRACT KEYWORDS : 

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