Volume : VII, Issue : X, October - 2018

Study of cytodiagnosis of cutaneous and subcutaneous lesions

Dr. Tulsi Chhadi, Dr Shyam Chhadi

Abstract :

 Background: Early and accurate pathological diagnosis of skin cancers is vital. FNAC supposedly gives satisfactory

results in diagnosis of nodular skin & subcutaneous lesions.
Objective: To analyse the incidence of cutaneous/subcutaneous lesions by FNAC and to study the accuracy of cytological diagnosis against
histopathological diagnosis.
Methodology: In this cross-sectional study, 777 cases of clinically suspected nodular skin & subcutaneous lesions were studied by FNAC
and 381 cases were additionally diagnosed histologically.
Observations: Non-neoplastic lesions (45.03%) contributed the most, followed by benign (39.6%) and malignant tumours (15.37%). Total
377 out of 381 cases showed good correlation between cytology and histopathology (diagnostic accuracy-98.95%). The sensitivity,
speci􀃶city, positive predictive value and negative predictive value of FNAC in the diagnosis of malignancy were calculated to be 100%,
99.48%, 97.61% and 100% respectively.
Conclusion: Cytodiagnosis by FNAC is a reliable screening technique in the evaluation of cutaneous and subcutaneous lesions.

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