Volume : V, Issue : I, January - 2016

The Biggest Social Division Gender Sensitivity at work & India

Leena Bajaj

Abstract :

Just as social and cultural variables impact business practices, Gender, the biggest social division, also impacts business, communication, and workplace environment. So men ‘become’ committed professionals while women ‘become’ successful homemakers. At the workplace, women ‘at best’ become support staff. This is how; society has traditionally demarcated the role of men and women. Gender sensitive research is not research on women or on Gender relationships. It is research that takes into account gender as a significant variable in environmental and development studies. Men and women have different roles, which impact differently, thus, gender sensitive research pays attention to the raises new questions, and uses new analysis tools to create a more complete picture of the problem. As men and women have different roles and different power, their perspectives on a problem can be quite different. By recognizing diversity, combining study of gender bias, glass ceiling/sticky floor syndrome or sexual harassment gender discrimination can be understood more clearly. While some progress has been made in this area, in taking a gender sensitive approach, one recognizes that because of the different jobs women and men do and the different societal roles, expectations and responsibilities they have, women and men may be exposed to different physical and psychological risks at the workplace, thus requiring differing control measures. This approach also improves the understanding that the sexual division of labor, biological differences, employment patterns, social roles and social structures all contribute to gender-specific patterns of occupational hazards and risks.

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