Volume : VII, Issue : XII, December - 2018

The Impact of positive role models on student's intent to choose respective medical specialties.

Dr. Aruna Kumari Badam, Dr. Pavani G

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Role models play a very vital role in clinical training in medical schools. Medical students gain professional expertise by being exposed to experienced and knowledgeable preceptors. There have been very few studies on the association between role models in medical education and the choice of the clinical field, the medical students intends to choose later on. Literature on the specific attributes the faculty should possess to become role models are also sparse.


An observational cross sectional study was conducted in AIMSR involving 100 interns. A well-structured pre-validated questionnaire pertaining to the impact of role models on medical students was distributed to the interns at the initiation of their internship. The studentís responses for the questionnaire were tabulated and analyzed to see, if any association exists between the role models and the clinical field, the students intend to choose by calculating the P-value using Chi-square test in SPSS-24 Version. An attempt was done to explore what are the specific attributes of role models chosen by our students.



There was 74% correlation between role models in a particular speciality and the career choice of students when the students chose role models from the clinical departments only. Developing rapport with students was the most important attribute that was important for students to choose their role models followed by creating enthusiasm in students, treating students with respect, effectively communicating with patients and their family and demonstrating clinical signs to the students.




There exists a significant correlation between speciality to which the role models belong and career choice of students. Developing rapport with the students is very important attribute, the students look for in their role models.

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