Volume : V, Issue : IX, September - 2016

The Indian Startup Ecosystem – PERSPECTIVES & IMPLICATIONS

Dr. Anupama Ghoshal

Abstract :

 The present work investigates the Indian startup ecosystem with respect to the key players and their contribution towards increasing the quality of human life. There is sufficient evidence of technical and management resource convergence among the players in the startup ecosystem that provides ample scope for the growth of the country’s economy. The need for customer centricity and management persistence are found to be some of the fundamental factors behind most of the successful entrepreneurial ventures in the startup space. The demographic diversity of the startup teams and their innovative solutions transcend the geographic boundaries of the Indian states. Evidences from the study indicate the survival and sustenance journey of those startups are found to be mainly about having the successful ability and skill of understanding with great clarity the psyche of prospective customers whose needs and problems are meant to be solved. The dreams and visions of the promoters are as varied as their backgrounds as is their aspiration to solve problems across the commercial and social domains. The paper provides a view of the offerings of the young startup ventures and their journey till date. Perspectives of the sector are highlighted and the implications of their activities are also outlined. The Indian government’s pivotal role and some of the key policies which are aimed towards promoting and nurturing the sector are also highlighted.

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