Volume : V, Issue : I, January - 2016

The Subversive Scribe and the Future of Translation

Barbara Cerrato Rodriguez

Abstract :

Apparently, the translator’s job is subtler than the writer’s because translation is a later stage. Besides, translators are similar to exiles, since every time they move away from their mother tongue to serve another language, they experience an exile in their own language. Then, translating a text is not possible, but reproducing the contexts of the original text: reading, and translating, could be considered a kind of rewriting, since readers complete the text. Then, every work relates to other texts and therefore, it is no more than just one of all the possible versions of a given text. Apparently, the next step is recovering the subtext of any work, the latent version of the original, which is possible only by means of persuasive translations that reveal unexpected subtexts. Consequently, it is vital to understand translation as a hermeneutical act and a space of approach that respects the difference between cultures.

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Barbara Cerrato Rodriguez The Subversive Scribe and the Future of Translation Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol: 5, Issue: 1 January 2016

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