Volume : VI, Issue : VIII, August - 2017

Transpersonal Leadership: An insinuating tool for organization effectiveness

Dr. Vijit Chaturvedi

Abstract :

 The Wireless Sensor Network built of nodes from very few to several hundred or even thousands and each node connects with one or more sensors. During transmitting the date among these nodes and sensors, security is the main concern for the WSNs. A Sensor responds and detects some type of input from both the physical or environmental conditions, such as pressure, heat, light, etc. To protect from such kind of situations Cryptography is one option. Cryptography can applied with symmetric key techniques, asymmetric keytechniques and hash function. Selection of appropriate lightweight cryptographic technique is much important due to the constraint like computing, communication and battery power over the WSNs.

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Viralkumar B. Polishwala, P. H. Bhathawala, Kamljit Lakhtaria, Wireless Sensor Networks: Security Attacks and Challenges, GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : VOLUME-6, ISSUE-8, AUGUST-2017

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