Volume : VII, Issue : II, February - 2018

Understanding causes of Sub-acute cough in community - A clinico-pathological research

Dr Rajamani Santhosh Kumar

Abstract :


Cough is one of the most common complaints of patients seeking medical attention. A number of patients attend our OPD for complaint of Sub acute cough lasting 3-8 weeks. Majority of such cough are due to Ear, Nose and Throat pathologies. This study aims to evaluate the Otorhinolaryngology causes of Cough in these patients. Inflammation of Sinuses (Acute/Sub-acute) and  Gastro-oesophageal reflux disorder (Reflux) form a bulk of cases presenting with Sub-acute cough in community. Clinicians need to maintain a high degree of suspicion for these two most common entities in cough patients not responding to conventional line of management.

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Dr Rajamani Santhosh Kumar, Understanding causes of Sub-acute cough in community‾A clinico-pathological research, GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : VOLUME-7, ISSUE-2, FEBRUARY-2018

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