Volume : IV, Issue : VIII, August - 2015

Women Entrepreneurship- Issues and Challenges

Dr. Arunachal Khosla

Abstract :

Entrepreneurs make an important contribution in the growth and development of any nation. Globalisation has made way for women entrepreneurs to become an important contributor to economic development and social development. In India, women make nearly 50 percent of the countryís population, and having the right mix of skills for being successful in business, they need to be encouraged by all possible means. In recent times, despite all social and financial barriers, women entrepreneurs are fast emerging as a force to reckon with. The current paper focuses on women entrepreneurship. It aims at defining the concept of women entrepreneurship and discusses the current status of women entrepreneurship in India. The paper discusses the inherent traits possessed by women that facilitate and ensures their success as entrepreneurs. The paper also aims at identifying the challenges and barriers encountered by women entrepreneurs in starting and running their own business.

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