Volume : V, Issue : V, May - 2015

A Critical Analysis of CSR Funding of Few selected Private and PSU Companies

Dr Amitava Basu

Abstract :

 A new era of social consciousness is evolving throughout the world. With the advent of globalization and  cut–throat competition, concern of the companies has shifted to Corporate Social Responsibility. “Doing  good” seems to be the new slogan for many ands. After a year of economic misery in 2008 and banking crisis,  consumers wanted to get associated with the ands that believe in more than a profit. As we enter a high stage of  consumerism, enjoying all the fruits of civilization, a fear psychosis is however, lurking in the mind of consumers that  humanity as a whole may have to pay a price for this in the form of environmental havoc. So, the consumers now prefer to associate with those ands that show concern for the good cause. World Business Council for Sustainable Development defines Corporate Social Responsibility as “the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and  contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as  of the local community and society at large.” However in pursuance of implementing the CSR goals, business houses  have to comply with legal requirements, to look after their own competitive interests and the interests of the society at  large. Now the question arises whether CSR is for upliftment of corporate image or is it a part of fulfillment of continuing commitment for sustainable social development. In this back drop, this paper tries to throw light on the actual  sprit of CSR funding. We will try to find out the present CSR scenario in India on some selected corporate houses from  different sectors, to analyze their CSR initiatives and its impact on social, economic and environmental aspects. We  have also tried to show the changing scenario of the PSUs towards the society and have analyzed their way of moving  towards attaining competitive sustainable growth in the race with the private sectors taking CSR as a tool.   

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