Volume : V, Issue : XI, November - 2015


Dr. Ranjeet Singh Arya, Dr. Gautam Kumar Singh

Abstract :

 Introduction – Anatomist, Anthropologist and Orthopaedic surgeons have since long been interested in knowing the angle of humeral torsion.It is found to increase steadily as we pass upwards through the primates from the lower to the higher members of the group. Aims &objective – It is planned to take Angle of torsion in right and left humerus. To find any difference in the values between male and female and compare our data with those of other workers. Results – our study of done of 300 bones the angle of torsion in bone of left side is found to be ranging from –50 to 600 and on the right side it is 120 to 1300. Conclusions – From these studies it is understood that the angle of torsion in humerus has a definite relationship with the status of civilized development of human races.

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Dr.Ranjeet singh arya, Dr.Gautam kumar singh / A STUDY OF ANGLE OF HUMAN HUMERAL TORSION / Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.5, Issue : 11 November 2015

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