Volume : I, Issue : I, October - 2011

A Study of Barriers to Climate Change Technology Innovation and Its Transfer to Developing Countries

Dr. Pardeep S. Chauhan

Abstract :

This proposed study critically examined various approaches that have been suggested for facilitating access to climate change technology by developing countries, including compulsory licensing, patent pools, patent databases and structured voluntary licensing “mechanisms”. These are non–solutions, or at best partial solutions, because they would not deliver adequate results. In this regard, some of the suggested approaches could potentially be detrimental to developing countries. Most damaging, non–solutions divert finite resources from effective solutions. The study proposes a two–pronged strategy for developing countries to gain access to climate change technology, while forging a pathway for national and regional development. The first prong is a climate change technology innovation strategy (CCTIS). An innovation strategy should target the funding and infrastructure deficit that cripples research, development and commercialization by developing country actors in developing countries. International funding initiatives should support developing country–originated CCTIS.  

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Dr. PARDEEP S. CHAUHAN A Study of Barriers to Climate Change Technology Innovation and Its Transferto Developing Countries Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.I, Issue.I October 2011

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