Volume : I, Issue : I, October - 2011

A Study Of Knowledge Management In Steel Industry – Chennai

Dr. S. Saravanan

Abstract :

Knowledge in the Production of Steel is created everywhere in the Production Process – intentional or unintentional – so that Knowledge Management in it is a value creator. Now with using "Knowledge Management" we want to describe here how to manage that a certain Knowledge is built and preserved, with a understanding of Knowledge that it is the result of actions that are oriented toward achieving an objective. As Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi found that "The unique feature of knowledge as a resource lies in the fact that it becomes obsolete as soon as it is created" the value of knowledge lies in its creation. With setting oriented actions to achieve some objective we create knowledge. Once the objective is achieved, the knowledge created in hindsight becomes obsolete however without creating the knowledge the objective would not got achieved at all and would remain in theory

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