Volume : VII, Issue : VI, June - 2017

A Study on Job Satisfaction of Co–Ooperative Sugar Mill in Dharmapuri District

Dr. N. Sathiya, N. Chitra

Abstract :

   Historical human race has enjoyed sweet food and drinks. Sweetness occurs naturally in plants. Cane sugar was first made in India and achieved dominant status 2000 or more years ago. Sugar remained an item of luxury which only rich could afford. European countries captured tropical and sub–tropical areas, which were ideally suited for sugarcane plantation. The success of any organization depends to a large extent upon the capability, competence, efficiency, and developed human resources, who are the active agents, accumulate capital, exploit natural resource, and build social, economic and political organization. Therefore, human resource is the most important resource that every organization has in the form of its employees. No organization can think of viability and effectiveness without the efficient utilization of human resources. The optimal utilization of natural resources and the factor inputs of capital and technology depend on the extent of use human resources.1  

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Dr.N.Sathiya, N.Chitra, A Study on Job Satisfaction of Co–Ooperative Sugar Mill in Dharmapuri District, INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH : Volume‾7 | Issue‾6 | June‾2017

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