Volume : I, Issue : II, November - 2011

A Study On The Professional Problems Faced By Post Graduate Teachers In Physics

R. Daphine, Dr. P. Sivakumar

Abstract :

The present study provides a data base which identifies prominent problems of physics teachers working in private and public schools. Regarding the overall perception on the professional problems, it is identified as higher among the teachers in Government schools than in private schools since their problems in class teaching and practical classes are very high compared to their counterparts. The important discriminant in Important Class Room Problems (ICRP) among the teachers in private and public schools is students participation and involvement. It is due to the infrastructural facilities. The important discriminant career problem among the group of teachers is recognition and workload which are identified as higher in private schools than in Government schools. The career problems are highly viewed by the teachers in private schools. The opinion on syllabus of physics, encouragement of the management, facilities at the schools are significantly reducing the professional problems among the teachers. Hence, the study concludes that the Government should see the ways and means to reduce the professional problems among the physics teachers. Then only the teachers can perform in a better way. It not only enriches the quality of students but also the teachers.  

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R. Daphine,Dr. P. Sivakumar A Study On The Professional Problems Faced By Post Graduate Teachers In Physics Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.I, Issue.II November 2011

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