Volume : III, Issue : VII, July - 2013

Adsorption of Acid Blue 74 Onto a New Low–Cost, Non–Conventional Adsorbent: Sorption Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies

K. Parvathi, N. Sivakumar

Abstract :

Liquid phase adsorption of acid dye Acid Blue 74 on a mesoporous activated carbon obtained from cotton boll pod has been investigated and the maximum adsorptive capacity was determined. BET surface area of the activated carbon was determined as 781.42m2.g–1 and SEM observations showed the amorphous nature of the carbon. Langmuir, Freundlich, Halsey, Dubinin–Radushkevich (D–R), Tempkin and Harkins–Jura isotherms were used to analyze the equiliium data at different temperatures. The time dependent kinetic studies have been done under the limelight of pseudo first and second order mechanism to predict the rate constants. The rates of adsorption were confirmed to pseudosecond–order kinetics with good correlation. The results indicate that the cotton boll pod activated carbon could be used to effectively adsorb Acid Blue 74 from aqueous solutions and is also economically viable.

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K. Parvathi, N. Sivakumar Adsorption of Acid Blue 74 Onto a New Low-Cost, Non-Conventional Adsorbent: Sorption Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.VII July 2013

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