Volume : V, Issue : X, October - 2015

An another side of mulberry – Mulberry for human consumption

Dr. M. Manju Vani, Dr. A. Jyothi

Abstract :

 Mulberry leaf is commonly used for Sericulture in almost every part of the world but its potential to be utilized for human consumption is not well recognized. Recently increased concern about health has driven people to pick up foods that have functional value. Among many useful plants and herbs, “mulberry” in particular its leaf attracts people and researchers because it is known to exert medicinal effects such as depression of blood sugar level, blood pressure and cholesterol level and antioxidation action. Because of its health benefits, mulberry farming can generate income for its farmers not only through sericulture, even it can be utilized for human consumption and can generate income for the mulberry farmers. Hence the present study was undertaken to study the nutritive values of mulberry and development of commonly used Indian recipe by mixing mulberry leaf powder.

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Dr. M. Manju Vani, Dr. A. Jyothi An another side of mulberry‾Mulberry for human consumption Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.5, Issue : 10 October 2015

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