Volume : V, Issue : V, May - 2015


Dr. Ch. Rama, Dr. Annapurna Kande

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Aim : The aim of the study is to estimate the risk of the Preterm delivery, low birth weight, intrauterine  growth restriction, still birth, intrauterine death, premature rupture of memanes, recurrence of abortion  or any other adverse outcome in women with previous spontaneous abortions.  Objectives : i. To test the hypothesis that previous unfavourable pregnancy outcome increases the risk of adverse outcome in the present pregnancy.  ii. To look for association between previous spontaneous abortion and preterm delivery, intrauterine growth restriction,  low birth weight, intrauterine death, premature rupture of memanes, recurrence of abortion, stillbirth, in subsequent  pregnancies.  Study design: A prospective study was conductedtaking200 Pregnant Women with history of spontaneous abortions  and 200 pregnant women with history of previous full term normal deliveries (with no abortion), was undertaken from  Government Maternity Hospital Tirupati, to compare the obstetric outcomes between two groups.  Observation and Results : There were 200 subjects in study cohort with history of spontaneous abortions and 200 subjects in control cohort without history of spontaneous abortions in this study.  The outcome has been analysed with respect to the following factors  1. Age distribution of the patient 2. Normal full term deliveries 3.Preterm deliveries 4.Intrauterine growth restriction  5.Premature rupture of memanes 6.Low birth weight 7.Recurrent abortions.The mean age of patients in study cohort  and control cohort were distributed predominantly in the 18–25 age group. 38 % of patients had 1 previous abortion,  47 % of patients had previous 2 abortions, 15 % of patients had 3 previous abortions.38% had normal deliveries, 32 5  had LSCS, 5.5% had spontaneous abortions, 1% Ectopic pregnancy. 87.5% reached fullterm, 6% preterm, 19% PROM,  1.5% PPROM, 3%IUD. Incidence of LBW – 23.6% with 1 abortion, 23.9% with 2abortions and 69% with 3abortions. CONCLUSION: Previous abortions have a definite impact on the successful outcome of future pregnancies. Hence for  such pregnancies, careful antenatal care is mandatory.Careful surveillance is required in pregnancies preceded by spontaneous abortions, for early detection of possible complications

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Dr.CH.Rama, Dr.Annapurna Kande AN OBSTETRIC OUTCOME AFTER PREVIOUS SPONTANEOUS ABORTIONS Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.5, Issue : 5 May 2015

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