Volume : VII, Issue : II, February - 2017

Analysis of Risk Factors in preterm Births

Dr. Ch. Lakshmi Sujani, Dr. Pilli Madhavi Latha

Abstract :

 Objective There is an increasing trend of preterm births. The present study identifies incidence and risk factors for spontaneous preterm births as well as iatrogenically induced preterm births. Their fetal outcome is evaluated. Material and methods Descriptive study carried out in a span of two years. Cases of spontaneous preterm birth as well as iatrogenically induced cases are evaluated based on history, examination for risk factors and their outcome is studied. Results Incidence of preterm birth during the period of study is 10.29%. Incidence was higher in age group of 20–24years (50%), low socioeconomic group (61.8%), nulliparous women (42.3%). Preterm premature rupture of memanes seen in 18% of cases. History of previous miscarriages seen in 23.6% cases and 15.9% cases had previous preterm deliveries and 9.7% cases had previous intrauterine death. Infective focus found in 38.2% cases. Iatrogenic preterm births constitute 66% of all cases of preterm birth. Perinatal mortality was 7.63%. As gestational age advances neonatal mortality reduced. Conclusion   The incidence of preterm births is rising mainly due to increase in the number of medically indicated preterm births. The main cause of the iatrogenic preterm birth in this study is preeclampsia. The spontaneous preterm birth rate is plateauing due to better antenatal care.

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Dr. Ch. Lakshmi Sujani, Dr. Pilli Madhavi Latha, Analysis of Risk Factors in preterm Births, INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH : Volume‾7 | Issue‾2 | February‾2017

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