Volume : I, Issue : IX, June - 2012

Anti Bacterial Activity of Apigenin 7–0–(6”caffeoyl) neohesperidoside from chrysanthemum indicum

M. Jerome Rozario, Dr. A. John Merina, Dr. V. Srinivasana

Abstract :

The fresh florets of chrysanthemum indicum is examined to contain the flavonoid Apigenin 7–0–(6”caffeoyl) neohesperidoside) by Modern physical methods like UV, NMR and chemical reactions. PC and hydrolytic studies were used to ascertain the structure. The isolated Glycoside has been found to contain Anti–bacterial activity as it is compared with a standard.

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M.Jerome Rozario, Dr.A.John Merina, Dr.V.Srinivasana Anti Bacterial Activity ofApigenin 7-0-(6”caffeoyl) neohesperidosidefrom chrysanthemum indicum Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.I, Issue.IX June 2012

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