Volume : V, Issue : X, October - 2015


Jasdeep Kaur, Dr. Rajinder Kaur Mahal

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 Background: Cancer has become a common disease now a days. It is one of the most commonly occurring non–communicable disease and is the third cause of mortality in developing countries. The present study is “A Descriptive Study to Assess the Awareness of Warning Signs and Risk Factors of Cancer among General Population in Selected Hospital Ludhiana, Punjab.” The objectives of the study were to assess the awareness regarding warning signs and risk factors of cancer in general population. To analyse the awareness of warning signs and risk factors of cancer association with the selected variables such as Age, Education, Income, Length of hospital stay, Source of information. To analyse the deficit areas among general population. To develop guidelines on warning signs and risk factors of cancer. Methods: The study was carried out in M.D. Oswal College of Nursing, Ludhiana, Punjab. The data was collected from 100 General population by Purposive Sampling with the help of structured interview schedule which consists of 20 knowledge items of Risk factors and 30 knowledge items of Warning Signs of specific Cancers including Oral Cancer, Lung Cancer, Skin Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer. Time taken by each subject for completion of interview was 20–25 minutes. The data collection procedure was carried out from 20 January, 2012 to 4 Feuary, 2012. Descriptive and Inferential statistics were used to analyse the data, bar & pie diagrams were used to depict the findings. The conceptual frame work used for the study was based on Rosentoch’s & Becker`s modified Health Belief Model. Findings: More general population was in the age category of 20–30 years i.e. younger age group with matriculation having Rs. 10,000– 15,000 Income & Unemployed, there stay in hospital was ≥ 11 days and there source of information was Health Care professionals. The knowledge score of 100 subjects ranged from 16% – 86% with a mean score of 27.97 with highest score in Warning signs of Breast Cancer (65.8%) and least in Cervical Cancer (51.66%). It was found that there was no statistically significant impact on the awareness of Warning Signs & Risk Factors of Cancer of general Population

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Jasdeep Kaur, Dr. Rajinder Kaur Mahal Assess The Awareness of Warning Signs and Risk Factors of Cancer Among General Population Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.5, Issue : 10 October 2015

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