Volume : I, Issue : III, December - 2011

Assessment of Water Quality of Hassan lakes by NSF–Water Quality Index

Shankar, P. Hosmani

Abstract :

Surface water qualities of eight lakes of Hassan district, Karnataka were assayed using the National Sanitation Foundation Water Quality Index (NSF–WQI). The calculation involves a minimum number of simple parameters. It is based on weight age of parameters derived by water quality experts. Hunesekere Lake, Jenevara Lake and Manipura Lake are rated as bad, with very low WQI values. The other seven are rated as almost medium with WQI ranging between 50 and 70. Water temperature and oxygen saturation levels have an impact on water quality. Excellent or good water quality lakes do not exist in this district. Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) for various chemicals flowing into the lakes must be monitored to render the water pristine. The index can serve as a tool for surface water quality monitoring.  

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Shankar, P. Hosmani Assessment of Water Quality of Hassan lakes by NSF-Water Quality Index Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.I, Issue.III December 2011

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