Volume : IV, Issue : IX, September - 2014

Bhimakali Temple at Sarahan: An Architectural Marvel

Ashwani Kumar

Abstract :

The Traditional Architecture of Himachal Pradesh, which is developed and mostly present in the form of numerous temple constructed on different parts of the state, is the outcome of the prevailing topography, available natural resources, extremes of the climate and other natural forces. These temples are the best know example of working and successful experimentation with locally available buildings materials and indigenous construction techniques to produce architectural marvels and have the best response to the harsh cold climate of hilly regions and other natural forces. The Bhimakali Temple at Sarahan is one such architectural marvel, which is developed by local craftsmen with locally available building materials and represents the finest example of architectural expression of hill which merges well with the mountainous backdrop. The construction materials and technology used in this temple makes it one of the finest example of traditional earthquake resistant buildings, which is also sustainable. This paper intends to cover different architectural and planning aspects of Bhimakali Temple at Sarahan, to have a better and holistic understanding of this architectural marvel.

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