Volume : I, Issue : I, October - 2011

Commerce Laboratory: A Novel Model Of Business Education

Dr. S. R. Kandalgaonkar

Abstract :

New millennium ought curiosity and desire for change. The computer age and digital technology made radical revolutions. There is need of adaptation of education with the changing industrial scenario. Commerce Education is experiencing a paradigm shift. Commerce Laboratory is a novel concept, as miniature of world of industries being established in commerce colleges. The very term Commerce Education is replaced as Business Education. Commerce Laboratory: Commerce education as applied anch of knowledge has to note changing world of industry and business. Commerce Laboratory is both static and dynamic partly a museum and partly a platform for experiments. Its vehicle to establish rapport with industry and business. its an opportunity to revitalize commerce education. Many ways to develop it are: Galaxy of displays, Industrial Surveys, Opinion Poll about Commerce Education, Competitions of students, Industrial Visits, etc.

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