Volume : VI, Issue : VIII, August - 2016

Complications of central venous catheterisation.

Dr Sampada S Karne, Dr Khalid Khatib, Dr Rajwardhan Shelke

Abstract :

Introduction–Central venous catheterization is associated with risk of various complications .We conducted the present study to analyse various complications of central venous catheterization done by the landmark technique.Materials and methods– It is a retrospective observational study . Patients, admitted in medical ICU, who underwent central venous catheterization ,using the landmark technique were included in the study. Complications were looked for, during and after the of the CVC insertion.Results– Total 116 patients were included .Complications due to CVC insertion were observed in 11 patients(9.5%). The common complications encountered were , hematoma formation (5), arrhythmias (4), while complication like carotid artery puncture and catheter site infection were found in 1 patient each.Conclusion–The commonly encountered complications of CVC are mechanical. Precautions taken during and after CVC insertion will help reduce these complications. Also, the use of ultrasound guided catheterization should be considered wherever possible.

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Dr Sampada S Karne, Dr Khalid Khatib, Dr Rajwardhan Shelke Complications of central venous catheterisation. Indian Journal of Applied Research,Volume : 6 | Issue : 8 | August 2016

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