Volume : V, Issue : X, October - 2015

Correlation between Periodontal disease and Diabetes Mellitus.

Sajid Khan Panwar, Ajay Kumar Bhargava, Isha Pandey

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 Periodontitis is a disease of inflammation in which periodontal tissue are destroyed and which results to loss of connective tissue attachment and formation of pathological pockets etc.In present study we studied level of Glucose and Lipoproteins(Total cholesterol, LDLc, HDLc ,VLDLc ,Triglyceride).In subjects of Diabetes Mellitus with Periodontitis (DM+Pd), Non Diabetes Mellitus with Periodontitis (NDM+Pd) and Non Diabetes Mellitus with Non Periodontitis(NDM+NPd). A significant correlation (p<.0001) was observed between these parameters when compare with DM+Pd, NDM+Pd, NDM+NPd.

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Sajid Khan Panwar, Ajay Kumar Bhargava, Isha Pandey Correlation Between Periodontal Disease and Diabetes Mellitus. Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.5, Issue : 10 October 2015

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