Volume : I, Issue : I, October - 2011

CRM in Banking Sector: Need of Hour

Shivani Gupta, Manisha Gaur

Abstract :

The service industries are mostly customer driven and their survival in competitive environment largely depends on quality of the service provided by them. Businesses seeking to improve profitability are, thus, advised to monitor and make improvements to their service quality on an ongoing basis. Customer service expectations are rising. Customers want their questions answered quickly, correctly, and consistently, whether they contact a call center, consult a ochure, or visit a website. Customers also want a choice in how they communicate with an organization by phone, through the web, or in person. After passage of time & emergence of electronic business, the concept of customer relationship management has also changed to Electronic Customer Relationship Management i.e. e–CRM. In this article attempt is made to discuss concept of CRM, issues in CRM, concept of e–CRM, need of e–CRM, e–CRM in Banks, advantages of e–CRM to banks and customers. Case studies of leading banks have been undertaken to see how e–CRM has helped them gain competitive advantage and gaining more customers and further retaining them too. The paper is original work of ours and we hope it will contribute in further research on the topic.  

Keywords :

CRM   Banking   e–CRM  

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