Volume : VII, Issue : I, January - 2017


Jisha Rajendran, Vidhi Maggo

Abstract :

 Presently Indian Economy is ridden with the sudden move of the government, with regard to demonetisation of the higher currency notes which has caught every person by surprise and has unidled an extraordinary monetary turmoil. In this light, shedding light on the background, current scenario of demonetisation in India, pros and cons of the strategy and understanding the prospects is of utmost importance, so as to know the likelihood of success of the move in India. It was evident from the discussion that demonetisation could either follow the successful path, like Europe, or could receive a severe blow like Russia, Korea and their likes, depending on its implementation and further strategies that will be adopted by the government, as complementary measures to the ongoing demonetisation drive.


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Jisha Rajendran, Vidhi Maggo, DEMONETISATION: AN EXUBERATE SIGHT OR PLIGHT OF INDIAN ECONOMY?, Indian Journal of Applied Research,Volume : 7 | Issue : 1 | JANUARY 2017

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